What Is A Device Installment Sales Agreement

If you subscribe to a service for which a user fee is charged at the end of the billing period (« Postpay Service ») or if you have a installment contract for device payments, we may at any time review your credit history in relation to the service subscription or installment payment contract. If you want the name and address of a credit agency that gives us a credit report on you, just ask. You agree to pay all access, usage and other charges you and any other wireless device users. If multiple wireless devices are connected to your account, you agree to pay all costs incurred by users of these wireless devices. For fees based on time used or data sent or received, we round each fraction to the next full minute or, depending on how the data usage is charged to you, the nearest megabyte or gigabyte. For outgoing calls, the time of use begins when you press the send for the first time or when the call connects you to a network, and for incoming calls, it starts when the call connects to a network (which can take place before the ringing). The time of use may end several seconds after the pressure of the end or after the connection to the call. For calls on our network, we only charge for calls that receive a response, including machines. For Postpay Service, usage cannot always be processed immediately and can be included in a subsequent invoice, but usage is always charged on your surcharge for the month the service was used. When you sign up for Postpay Service, you agree to subscribe to a service line either on a monthly basis or for a minimum term of the contract, as shown on your receipt or order confirmation. (If your service is suspended without billing or at a reduced billing rate, this time does not count for the conclusion of your contract.) Once you have completed your contract, you will automatically be a customer for this service line from month to month. If your service line has a contract term and you terminate this line or if we cancel it for a good reason, you will have to pay an early termination fee during this contract term.

If your contract term results from the purchase of an advanced device, your early termination fee is $350, which will decrease by $10 per month after the close of months 7-17, 18-22 and $60 at the end of the 23rd month, $10 per month, $20 per month and $0 after the contract is concluded. For other terms of the contract, your early termination fee is $175 which, after the closing of the 7-17 months, will decrease by $5 per month after the closing of the 18-22 months, $30 at the end of the 23rd month, $5 per month and $0 after the conclusion of your contract.