Vendor Agreement Insurance Requirements

You want to be sure that the seller/supplier is sufficiently protected in the event of an accident with their vehicles while they deliver products to you. Liability insurance in the car policy automatically covers your business as an additional insured. You should require proof of automatic liability with a minimum of 1,000,000 USD. Contractors are required to verify that all subcontractors purchase insurance that meets all of the requirements set out here. When executing this contract, the contractor provides the UWM with an insurance certificate attesting to the above requirements. The certificate must be submitted by UW-Milwaukee and approved before it can work with it. Please contact risk management to verify the requirements when you are purchasing professional-level services that are not the categories mentioned above (. B for example, engineering, architecture, legality, banking, leasing, etc.). The university requires outside parties who provide work or services or who use academic institutions to prove that certain types of insurance coverage are proven to be at minimum limits. In most cases, external parties are required to designate the university as additional insured and to present an Insurance Certificate (IOC) before the start of work or before the use of a university institution. Before providing a service to the university or product and for the duration of the order You obtain and maintain for the duration of this contract (and then to the extent shown below) at your expense and expense, at least the following minimum limits: the seller and the contractor designate tufts University as additional insurance on their general liability insurance, since it relates to the work/service provided at the university and makes available to the university a 30-day notice or non-renewal. This insurance must be primary as part of any other valid and collectable insurance. All contractors, sellers or service providers who come to work or provide services within the university grounds must purchase insurance.

Insurance is required to cover any claims or losses that may be attributable to the contractor/seller. Services must apply for an insurance certificate from the holder or seller before work begins and/or begins a contract. An insurance certificate is a standard form issued by the insurance company that values the insurance information (including insurance limits and types of insurance) of its policyholder. Contractual liability. In most cases, the CGL directive implemented by the seller/supplier covers the provision for compensation or maintenance in your contract, but you want to ensure that the insurance company has not restricted insurance coverage in an unacceptable manner. In your agreement with the supplier, it should be clear that such changes are not acceptable.