Oracle License Agreement Download

Oracle Employees: Under no circumstances are Oracle employees allowed to download software for distribution to customers. Oracle products are only available for internal or demonstration purposes. In accordance with Oracle`s obligations to respect trade in accordance with the United States and applicable multilateral legislation, non-compliance with this directive may result in disciplinary action up to termination. I don`t think this problem is caused by a problem that accepts the license agreement (i.e. only for downloading), I think it`s related to a faulty Pcm package. Post install this rpm-i, does Java work? Can you navigate to /usr/java/jdk1.7.0_07/jre/bin and run Java? This software or hardware and documentation can provide access or information about third-party content, products and services. Oracle Corporation and its affiliates are not liable and explicitly decline all guarantees of any kind regarding third-party content, products and services, unless otherwise stated in an applicable agreement between you and Oracle. Oracle Corporation and its affiliates are not liable for losses, costs or damages resulting from access or use of third-party content, products or services, unless stipulated in an agreement between you and Oracle. Information Collection Program installation and/or automatic update processes may, if necessary, provide Oracle or its service provider with a limited amount of data about these processes to help Oracle understand and optimize them.

Oracle does not link personal data. See Oracle`s privacy policy under Program programs and/or program documentation are provided to U.S. government « commercial computer software » users in accordance with current federal procurement regulations and the agency`s specific complementary regulations. Therefore, the use, reproduction, disclosure, modification and adaptation of program and/or program documentation are subject to the licensing conditions and licensing restrictions set out in this agreement. The U.S. government is not granted any other rights. Oracle customers who have acquired support have access to electronic support about My Oracle Support. For more information, see Export Control U.S.

export laws and regulations and all other relevant local export laws and regulations apply to programs. You agree that such export control laws govern your use of programs (including technical data) and all services provided under this agreement, and you agree to comply with all of these export laws and rules (including « as an export » and « as a re-export »). They accept that no data, information, program and/or material from programs or services (or direct products of these services) is exported or used for purposes prohibited by these laws, including, but not exclusively, the proliferation of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or the development of missile technologies. As a result, you confirm: No technical support, unless Oracle`s program support, if any, is expressly included in a separate up-to-date support agreement between you and Oracle, Oracle`s technical support organization does not provide you with any technical support, telephone assistance or updates for programs provided under this contract. However, if you have an assisted license for an Oracle database program, the Technical Assistance Organization will provide technical and telephone support for the program that is licensed in that program, in conjunction with the database oracle license.