Ocdsb Occasional Teacher Collective Agreement

This agreement is part of the collective agreement below. Local services and representation of this group of OSSTF casual teachers are provided by an elected executive bargaining unit of their colleagues. Services include collective bargaining, contract maintenance, communication and professional development. Casual teachers are a diverse group of casual teachers, short- and long-term casual teachers, and an ever-growing population of retired teachers. For many casual teachers, this is a step in their teaching career, while for others it is a way of life. The Professional Development Fund for OTs and LTOs allocates up to $300 every two years to reimburse teachers for improving their professional practice. The fund can be used for most professional improvement efforts, with the exception of AQs/ABQs. Some examples were first aid recertification for a Phys Ed teacher and an education conference in Toronto. Original receipts must be provided for access to this fund. OSSTF/FEESO Updated Guide on Pregnancy and Parental Leave (Rev. February 2018) Despite the demographic situation, these OSSTF members, representing about 6,000 people, have problems and concerns that are often unique to their circumstances. Locally, the turnover table of this group of OSSTF teachers averages more than 750 casual teachers. Kelly Granum, the president of the collective agreements unit and responsible for claims, can be reached by phone at (613) 729-7211 ext 206 or e-mail: Secondary Occasional Teachers please register with your union – D25 OTBU WSIB, Accident Report Forms, Form 733 School Violence and Forms for Safe Schools in Form.