Google End User License Agreement Keeps Popping Up

3.2 Intellectual property. After the release of an update or upgrade to the customer, such an update or upgrade is considered « software » within the meaning of the agreement, and subject to payment of the customer`s current maintenance and support fees, the customer acquires a licence fee for the use of that update or upgrade in accordance with the terms of the agreement. There are no express or unspoken licenses in this addendum, and all rights are reserved for Striim. 1.5 « Documentation » refers to the standard technical documentation, specifications, materials and other information that Striim provides electronically with the software or provides electronically. Advertising and marketing materials are not documentation. 5.3 As part of this ongoing innovation, you recognize and believe that Google may, at your own discretion, terminate the provision of one or more services (or features within the Services) at your discretion or to users in general, without notice. You can stop using the services at any time. You don`t need to specifically notify Google if you stop using the services. 1.1 The use of the software and the use of the software with Google`s products, software, services and websites (jointly referred to as « services » in this document, defined in Section 7 and all services provided by Google pursuant to a separate written agreement) are subject to the terms of a legal agreement between you and Google.

« Google » refers to Google LLC, whose main office is 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States. This document explains how the agreement is concluded and outlines some of the terms of the agreement. 7.1 Duration. The duration of this agreement begins on the reference date and remains in effect until this agreement is terminated in accordance with Section 7.2. The validity of each license is shown in the corresponding order form. Unless otherwise stated in an order form, licenses are automatically renewed for additional periods corresponding to the validity of the license, or one year (shortest), unless one of the parties gives written notification (acceptable email) at least 30 days before the license expires. 10.4 Updates needed. In the event that the software is the subject of a claim or if, according to Striim, it is likely that it will be the subject of a claim, the customer states through Striim`s communication that the necessary updates are available, downloads and installs within five (5) working days on customer systems (the required update period).