Deed Of Agreement For Sale Of Flat In Bangladesh

7) The landowners will issue a general power without registered appeal, authorizing the developer to carry out the desired development works and the landowners of RAJUK and other relevant offices such as Titas Gas, WASA, DESA/DESCO, etc. and obtain the approval of the construction plan, obtain gas, electricity and water lines, negotiate, sell, lease or transfer its share of the projected land and housing, including parking lots, and present the contract of sale, the instrument of sale and these before the sub-registrar to register it and realize the developer`s invested money fully and any return on this investment. The developer receives all income from the sale of the apartments and other relevant fees from its buyers on a date or in tranches set by the developer and issues the receipt of the money. Landowners also allow the developer, through this authorization, to enter into tripartite agreements with home buyers and transfer ownership of the homes to buyers on behalf of landowners. The developer must sell ___________ The landowners confer on the developer an irrevocable general power, including authorizing the sale of Nos ______ (______ In the event of the expiry of the LANDOWNERS, their heirs/assigns must register and transfer __ (_ The apartments of _______and proportional parking space of ____ at the level of ___ of the property provided for the benefit of the developer, his buyers or his candidate. All gains or losses due to construction go to the developer`s side. Apartment in rupayan elegance in dhanmondi 15, 1175 sft apartment @ tk 8500 by sft. With all facilities available. There is no garage. There are only real buyers.

Since your agreement was reached about five years ago, we assume that it is 2005 and that the section will be applicable. Therefore, the agreement does not appear to be subject to registration within thirty days of the days of execution. On the other hand, if the contract was concluded more than five years ago, the 1908 Act requires that the contract of sale be subject to registration within six months of the entry into force of the above-mentioned new provision. Answer I would like to thank you warmly for asking me to give an opinion on the sale of your property.. .