Appreciation Rights Agreement

Share value increase rights (SARs) are a type of employee compensation linked to the company`s share price for a predetermined period of time. SARs are profitable for employees when the company`s share price rises, making them similar to employee stock options (ESOs). However, employees do not have to pay the exercise price of the SARs. Instead, they receive the sum of the increase in stock or cash. CONSIDERING that the granting of rights to exploit shares to the rightholder has been duly approved by decision of the Organising and Remuneration Committee (« Committee ») of the Board of Directors or, where applicable, of the Board of Directors (« Board of Directors ») of the undertaking with effect from _____ Amendment. Except as set forth below, this Agreement may not be modified in any way by statements, assurances or oral agreements of any employee, officer or representative of the Company, or by a written agreement that seriously infringes your rights under this Agreement, unless you have signed on your behalf and an officer of the Company expressly authorized by the Company: run this document. However, this Agreement may be amended in accordance with the terms of the Plan as it enters into force on the date of this Agreement. Share value increase rights entitle you to the cash equivalent of a share`s price gains over a predefined time interval. Employers almost always pay this type of bonus in cash. However, the company can pay the employee bonus in shares.

In most cases, employees can exercise SARs after they are unwavering. If SARs are unwavering, it simply means that they are available for training. Employers usually spend SARs with stock options. These capital gains rights are called SSA in tandem. You help finance the purchase of options and help repay taxes due at the time of the exercise of the SAR. The main advantage of share value increase rights is that employees can receive the proceeds of rising stock prices without having to buy shares. 1. Communication on the granting of aid. Share exploitation rights (« SARs ») are granted in accordance with the huntsman Stock Action Plan (the « Plan ») with respect to the number of common shares of Huntsman Corporation (the « Company ») as set forth above, subject to the terms of the Plan and this Agreement. This SHARE VALUATION RIGHTS AGREEMENT (this « SAR Agreement ») of April 30, 2020 (the « Grant Date ») is between ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation (the « Company »), and Anders Gustafsson (the « Participant ») with respect to a right to increase the value of the Shares granted under the Long-Term Incentive Plan (the « Plan ») under Zebra Technologies Corporation 2018. .