Ahsa Provider Agreement

Depending on your agreement on the Health Fund, AHSA funds can calculate the spread fee (out of pocket) per item and not by invoice. No, you can move forward. Healthscope will complete bookings made before June 8, 2020 under the old agreement. The change would only affect future bookings. Yes, until December 7, 2020, you are covered by the old agreement. However, when billing a Known Gap invoice as part of your health fund agreement, we understand that the fee may be rejected or significantly underpaid if you set a higher spread fee than you are allowed to charge under your agreement. If no agreement is reached and you want the same specialist to treat you after that date, ask if they can do so in another hospital (okay). We`ll get it. And we`re really sorry if no agreement is reached and it causes problems for you. This is not an outcome we want for our members. We recommend that you do not seek any other health funds at this stage.

We are still working with Healthscope to reach an agreement that we believe is right. In order to maintain these agreements, Police Health instructs the Australian Health Services Association (AHSA) to negotiate them on our behalf. AhSA is an expert in this field and currently insures this activity on behalf of 29 private insurers. Compliance with these agreements with hospitals ensures that you have the best possible coverage if you need treatment at the hospital. If your transaction has been postponed and rerouted for a registration date before December 8, 2020, you will be covered by the old agreement. You have access to an emergency and emergency service. If you are admitted in case of emergency before September 8, 2020, you will be covered by the old agreement. We are incredibly disappointed that we have not reached an agreement at this stage, but rest assured that we will do everything in our power to give you access to the private hospitals of your choice. We have successfully negotiated agreements with more than 500 hospitals across Australia. If you have already been admitted to a Healthscope hospital, it is advisable to plan future admissions to a contract hospital to avoid or reduce costs. No no.

If you are already booked, you will be covered by the old contract. Private health insurers and private hospital operators have long had problems such as rising offside costs and value concerns have led customers to abandon their coverage. This measure has been reinforced by the fact that members are cutting coverage in response to the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis.