Agreement And Consensus Begin Forming

31The operational methods of the citizen jury were entrusted to the members of the jury themselves, depending on the intermediate state of both parties. The jury met for the first time on December 13, 2004 and held its fifth and final meeting on December 28. As the jury was not an arbitration commission, it focused exclusively on examining the relevance of the recycling plant project on the basis of the data and testimony provided by the parties and experts concerned. On this issue alone, they agreed on five general meetings earlier than planned. This observation confirms the validity of the eighth hypothesis of this study, according to which the formulation of alternatives can be facilitated by the clearer expression of problems and solutions. « I have a disagreement in principle with the substance of the proposal, which has not been resolved. We have to come up with a new proposal. Give people time to challenge the proposal and what it means to them. If this is a complex or emotional problem, set up some time to think or pause before starting the test on agreement. Business meetings of the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) use a process close to consensus to integrate each other`s ideas and achieve a better approach to truth.

For decision-making and learning to work by consensus. Now, if you take the time to make a good decision, you can save time if you make another one later. 19 We conducted 62 hours of semi-structured personal interviews with 38 key stakeholders who chose one of the concrete models of action, namely an agreement or a non-agreement. We used the interview data to confirm the facts and contextualize the different perceptions of the different actors. In addition to these qualitative data, we used seven primary sources of empirical data to reconstruct important points of conflict in the conflict. These included the minutes of the citizens` jury of 16, 23 and 28 December 2004 (102, 97 and 53 pages each), [3] the public hearing of the jury on the food waste recycling plant (94 pages), recordings of the interview of the Ulsan Research Centre (95 pages) and press articles (9 Files).